About Us

The mission of Ziggurat Construction is to offer quality home improvement products, services and advice in a client services oriented and friendly environment. Our clients will get assistance quickly and will leave our studio confident with their decisions.


Ziggurat Construction is a new company backed by over 40 years combined experience in the residential and commercial construction field. We are a distinguished and trustworthy contractor known in Southern California for the quality of products, services and for building the dream homes of California residents. Our 1000 square foot showroom, with hundreds of examples of tile, wood flooring, cabinets and counter tops allows us to help the client visualize their space they are dreaming of before construction has even started. We have over twenty different high quality manufactures on display, providing us with hundreds of possibilities to give you better options. All these options combined with our knowledgeable staff means you are sure to find exactly what you're looking for in a professional environment.